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Bear Caves and other dangerous places...

Brother Phil Payne responds to brother Kirby Smith thusly:

> > Not to mention the UK and Japan trying to use the UN to interfere with
> > the US population's Constitutional right to keep and bear arms (or for
> > that matter, the rest of the world's natural law right to keep and bear
> > arms).
> Huh?
> But didn't I hear today about an 11-year-old and a 13-year-old setting off a
> fire alarm and lying in wait to kill four classmates and a teacher?
> Great rights you have.  What was that statistic again?  "A family weapon is
> 27 times more likely to kill a member of the family than it is to kill a
> stranger"?

and yer kindly ol' Unka Bart whispers "Uh oh, brother Phil, Better not
wander into *that* cave, the Bears might still be around..."

Let's not overlook the facts here.  These little varmints were breaking the
law the moment they stepped out of the house with those weapons.  And they
were clearly the products of parents who were criminally neglegent in their
parental duties.

For some strange reason, they bring to my mind the picture of the same
group who make going to football matches on your side of the pond, such an
"interesting" experience...

The focus on the instrument a criminal uses to commit the crime is a bit
off the mark.  The problem is what was done, not how.

Ask yourself what snappy remarks one might come up with, had the little
criminals come roaring around the schoolhouse full-bore in an UR-Q and
driven into the same line of children, killing 4 of them and a

Same idea, and body count...

And speaking of statistics, I can't speak for the UK, but over here there
are approximately as many folks killed by automobles *each* year as we had
die in the entire South East Asia War Games (US took the silver).