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ISV "mount"?

'noter one of those stoopid questions:

Right below the ISV on the MF engine, there's a roughly L-shaped short hose
that seems to act as the mount for the ISV and appears to be connected to the
crankcase ventilation.  It's a short, fat stubby hose clamped in about 3
locations.  Is this simply an empty hose, or does it hide a component?  Is it
vacuum related?  Mine has a huge crack in it. 

Anyone know what to call this beast so that I can replace it?  

In the saga of the transmission, the shop drained the excess ATF down.  It
seems to be running better, but I was able to get it to slip out of gear after
about 20 minutes of city driving, which was a lot longer than before.   I'm
holding out hope (yeah, right) that the tranny is adapting to the normal
level, but the "whirring" noise that has developed after it warms up worries
me.  The good thing is that it doesn't seem to be permanent, even after it

At least it takes me less than 10 minutes to get to work, but that precludes
the "fun" driving. <g>

d(who went the low-end route and replaced two of the tires with D-60 A-2s
since it looks like he's got strut work, CV joint, and lt. ft. wheel bearing
work in his future)weil