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Re: BEWARE...FS: 91 200 TQW


> To make a long story short, the Volvo dealer sold the vehicle to
> another
> local dealership who had the pleasure of discovering that the Tranny
> was
> shot. I finally got a chance to have a discussion with a local
> enthusiast
> (who owns yet a third shop), and who examined the car. He claims that
> the
> Center Diff is shot to the point where the driveshaft doesn't move at
> all
> under power.

I was wondering if you could explain to an utter novice how it is that
the tranny could be shot. I have to say that your story is very alarming
to me personally, as I have a quattro that makes noises from time to
time, and the prospect of having to search for a second hand unit, at
the sort of prices I've seen quoted on the list, fills me with utter
horror, having already spent a small fortune on my car.


Tim Morgan
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