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Re: Turbo Coolant Hose 3B

I think the hose you are describing is the water line to the turbo.It
changes to a steel line as it passes behind the t/belt cover.

SmittyWolff wrote:
> Yikes, severe coolant loss. There is a bango bolt fitting on the front
> end of the coolant collector below the intake manifold. There is a small
> rubber hose (with a big hole in it now) clamped to the banjo bolt
> fitting. I can see in the manual that this hose is only a few inches
> long, but it dissapears behind the timing belt cover where presumeably
> it connects to the pipe that goes over to the turbo. Has anyone ever
> changed this hose? Any tips on how to go about it?
> Thanks,
> Wolff
> '91 200 tq