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RE: Bear Caves and other dangerous places...

Oh, sure.  Trying to tap dance out of the bear cave...  That should
work.  ;-)

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> In message <l03110724b13eabdc4723@[]> Unka Bart writes:
> > For some strange reason, they bring to my mind the picture of the
> same
> > group who make going to football matches on your side of the pond,
> such an
> > "interesting" experience...
> Y'know, football violence is almost a7n urban myth.  I think it's over
> a year 
> since I heard of an incident.  Amongst the spectators, that is.
> > And speaking of statistics, I can't speak for the UK, but over here
> there
> > are approximately as many folks killed by automobles *each* year as
> we had
> > die in the entire South East Asia War Games (US took the silver).
> We had a nice one today.  One of the Scottish universities has
> completed a 
> study of road accidents.  If a pedestrian is killed by a car in
> Scotland, the 
> pedestrian is likely to have a higher alcohol level than the car's
> driver.  One 
> in three Scottish pedestrians killed on the roads is over the drunk
> driving 
> limit.
> And it's a long time since we had bear baiting - most of the good
> subjects have 
> gone.  Windows has definitely trounced OS/2, and Audis are obviously
> far 
> superior vehicles to ovloVs and WMBs ...
> -- 
>  Phil Payne
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