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Re: BEWARE...FS: 91 200 TQW

I wrote: 
> > To make a long story short, the Volvo dealer sold the vehicle to
> > another
> > local dealership who had the pleasure of discovering that the Tranny
> > was
> > shot. I finally got a chance to have a discussion with a local
> > enthusiast
> > (who owns yet a third shop), and who examined the car. He claims that
> > the
> > Center Diff is shot to the point where the driveshaft doesn't move at
> > all
> > under power.

Tim responded with 
> I was wondering if you could explain to an utter novice how it is that
> the tranny could be shot. I have to say that your story is very alarming
> to me personally, as I have a quattro that makes noises from time to
> time, and the prospect of having to search for a second hand unit, at
> the sort of prices I've seen quoted on the list, fills me with utter
> horror, having already spent a small fortune on my car.

and Steve asked:

>So, does the car move at all? What are the symptoms? How do these diffs
>not work? It's a Torsen, right?

Unfortunately I only know the basics of the tranny problem. The car does
move, but the noise is pretty bad. Under power, the driveshaft doesn't
turn. What exactly failed, I don't know. I can try to find out from my
friend though. He is a good tech, although most of his work in the past has
been VW. He's moved into Audis in the past year or so. I do know that he is
shopping for used Tranny's because the car's owner (the other dealership)
want him to do the work. 

Why would something like this fail.. I'm not sure. Anybody have an idea? 

Finally, I just realized that this could easily be a *great* find for some
lister out there. I think that the owner probably has realized that he's
gonna have to put some money into the car that he didn't expect. If
somebody is still interested in the vehicle, I can get you in touch with
the owner/seller.  The body was perfect on the car and it looked like she
kept the interior well.