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Other Audis in Boston

To:   audi-20v
>>>>>>>I must have really bad eyes or something <grin> I've yet to see a
>>>>>>>>Quattro in the Globe.
No 90-20v's this week...but a three minute internet check found the
following in the Boston area....
     advertised in the last two weeks...in just one paper... considering
the rarity of _these_ cars I really don't think finding
     a 90Q20v coupe or sedan is that much of an undertaking....not that I
took the previous comment
     to heart, but I really hate having my word questioned....ummm, why the
 hell would I lie?
     Listers who are friends know that they have been aprised of several
coupes in the Boston area
     over the last few months:

'93 S4 blk/blk $24.900
'91 200 TQ prl$12,900

European Engineering

1991 Audi Quattro, $11,900
AUDI '91 200 Quattro, 20V turbo, 5sp, BBS, 217hp, blue/blk lthr, phone,
Bose. $11,900. (781) 545-7604

1995 Audi , $35,995
AUDI, '95 S6, Blk/beige, 37K miles. $35,995. #A8131A. IRA PORSCHE AUDI

'95 S-6 Wagon Silver/Blk
'95 S-6 Red/Ecru

Rt. 1 Dedham/W Roxbury