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RE: Which relay is doing that clicking?!?!?

> Gerard on Wednesday, March 25, 1998 6:00 AM, you wrote,
	>Do you mean just the heating element? That is, can use ECO mode
	>with temp on HI, right? Why do I ask? Hey, this is my car so
it's not
	>as if the aircon works or anything!!! :) Yup, faulty o-ring,
all the
	>gas is gone, still looking for R12 gas. Some monkey-guy put in
	>R134a, the lack of compression on the gas was very noticable
	>absolutely no cooling happened. The gas then promptly escaped
	>the o-ring and gas is 2x more expensive all of a sudden!

	I've been using low A/C on like 60 F.  The fan cycles on
immediately.  I think what your saying is to run ECON with HI temp,
right?  I'll try it at lunch, and report right back.

	86 5kcst 5sp

> >         I concur.  I have been turning on the A/C to cool the engine
> > until thermo fan switch arrives.