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Re: 1992 100 CS Quattro

"Jared Johnson" <Jared_Johnson@rsco.com> asks:

> I'm thinking about buying a 1992 100 CS Quattro.  I'd like to know if
> there are particular problems that I should inquire about.  I understand
> that some of the 1992 100s had the sudden acceleration problem, but
> don't know how widespread that is/was.  I'm also interested in upkeep
> costs and basically whether this 6 year old auto is the type of
> investment I will be happy with over the next 4 to 7 years.  Thanks very
> much for your input.

Being the owner of a '93 100CSQ, I can assure you that these cars don't
suffer from sudden acceleration, even when you want them to!  As for
unintended acceleration, no Audi actually suffered from this, just their

I bought my 100CSQ two years ago with 64K miles on it.  It now has
121K.  I've had to do the following: 

replace the timing and ancillary belt twice, the last time also
replacing the water pump and belt tensioner  (maintanence items)

replace a leaking, pain in the ass to get to, power steering hose.

replace a leaking fuel line from the filter to the rails

replace rear brake pads and turn rotors.

replace front brake pads and rotors

fix leaking washer reservoir.

changed the auto tranny fluid with redline synthetic at around 90K. 
This made a huge difference in driveabiliy.  Shifts are much crisper. 
The car feels faster.  Highly recommended.

Of course other maintanence stuff like oil changes, spark plugs, tires,

I've heard some people had problems with their automatic transmissions. 
I'm not sure if this was just a '92 model year thing or not.  Mine has
not given me any problems.  I've also heard one or two people had to
change head gaskets, but it's probably not a noteable problem on these
cars.  So far the car has been bulletproof.  I did think the two hose
failures were something that shouldn't have happened on a 3.5 year old
car, but I haven't had any problems since...


Steve Valin		sjv@netapp.com         408.367.3566