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good news on the speeding front

Well, I finally went to court to fight my speeding ticket (78 in a 55)
yesterday.  I could not believe what a zoo it was.  The cops didn't want
to have to come back a third time, the suckers (those who got caught by
the local revenue enhancement program) certainly didn't want to have to
return again, and nobody seemed to want to have anything to do with 6
point speeding tickets.  Basically you went before the judge (sitting
behind a folding banquet table, heck the court was held in a trailer),
judge called the arresting officer up, defendant and cop go outside and
haggle out a deal in 30 seconds, everyone seems to get reduced to failure
to obey traffic sign or somesuch, 2 points, no insurance hit, $50.  What a
bargin.  I was a bit miffed when they tried to reschedule me date for the
3rd time because the cop was on vacation.  They wouldn't throw the ticket
out and I was sick of fighting it, plus it was a pretty fair settlement.
I guess the moral is Never ever plead guilty to a ticket, fight it all the
ObQuattro  Saw a couple other A4s and ran with a 100 for about 40
high-speed miles.  Only car that passed me the entire trip was some early
80s VW, a Dasher maybe, doing about 110.  Took the next exit though, so I
only averaged about 78mph.

98 A4Q, still no speeding tickets <knocks wood>