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86' 5000s FS

 In case anyone's interested, a guy down the street from me is selling 
his 5000s for cheap. As stated, it's an '86, burgundy in color/grey 
velour interior, entire car looks very nice, although I havn't driven it. 
Other features:

slushbox-rebuilt in '95
new, generic tires
odometer stuck at 44k- owner says more than 100k total
I called the guy just to see what he wanted, and he said he's asking 
$2300 (sounded like he'd take less though).
His # is: (540) 674-6485, and it's in Virginia, about 50 miles South of 
Roanoke. I'd be willing to have a more thorough look if anyone's in the 
market for such a car.

Dave '89 80q