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RE:CIS Pressure Gauge Set and Eurolights

In message <35197691.5DC3@lmco.com> Russ Southerlin writes:

> Too make a short story long!!!!!!!!!
> I have built my own tester using junkyard fuel injection lines.  I
> remove the ends of the braided lines and tee in a 100 psi gauge with
> rubber hose and hose clamps (I use good quality fule hose).  To do
> system and control pressure you will need the fittings on the line that
> goes from the top/center of the fuel dist. to the warm up regulator.
> With a gauge teeed into this line you normally get control press. you
> then can use a pair of pliers to close the fuel flow to the warm up reg.
> which gives system pressure (if the car is running this will make it
> stall so I use a different way to test system press. - see next para.).

The engine doesn't need to be running with the MAC11/MAC12D/MAC14 cars.  Just 
stick a fuse in the top of the fuel pump relay and switch on the ignition.  The 
pump and the 'warm up regulator' heater run after four seconds.

You actually get a _better_ view of system pressure - the pointer is all over 
the place when the engine is trying to run.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club