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Need help with ur-q radio wiring.....

Maybe someone can help with this......
I'm trying to connect up a new radio to the ur-q after some low-life removed the in-dash cd player last Thursday night causing IRP1860 worth of damage to drivers door and centre console.  My problem is the slime-ball cut the wiring loom instead of just unplugging the player.  Now I'm trying to identify which wire is which.  So far I've identified the loudspeaker wires and the following....
Red..............+12v to radio
Brown.........  ground
White...........+12v from radio to antenna
Grey/Blue....+12v to radio when lights on
However I'm left with a brown wire with red stripes, not a trace, and I haven't a clue what it's for.  It doesn't go to ground and it doesn't have power, with ignition on or off.  Any suggestions??
Something else I noticed wile in that general area......the voice synthesiser box......multi-plug on the back.....there are two round three-pin connectors attached to the multi-plug, one male and one female.  The male connector, although it's pins are linked, is connected to pin 11 on the multi-plug by a single wire.  The female is connected to the multi-plug as well, through pins 1, 3 and 34, so effectively, if I plugged the connectors into each other, there would be a connection from pin 11 to pins 1, 3 and 34.   The question is should they be plugged together or not???
Any help would be appreciated.
George Harrison
County Kildare,
'85 urq
'86 80 Sport