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Re: Comparing Units

Linus Toy wrote:
> From: Sargent Schutt <sargent@novagate.com>
> >'niche'. Name one other production car that is relatively unaffected by
> >altitude (turbo) and road conditions (all-wheel drive), and available in
> >coupe, sedan, or wagon variants to suit your particular needs. Audi is it.
> >Volvo is pandering around the outskirts of this 'arena', but doesn't yet
> >make a car that challenges Audi in performance with awd (the current
> >wagon is only a light pressure turbo, and is the first ovloV awd offering).
> i've been trying so hard to avoid this one, but...
> Volvo's AWD wagon (the V70) is available with both the LPT (V70 AWD) and
> the much heftier T-5 (V70 AWD R) version.  (IOW, you get a real choice in
> engines.)  Unfortunately, V70 AWD with either engine get only the 4sp auto
> (Win some, lose some--the V70 T-5 --front driver--is available with a 5sp).
>  oh well--don't blink, you might miss the shift:  the LPT goes 0-60 in
> 8.1sec, the T-5 about a second faster.

Well, slush boxes need not apply for space in my garage, so Ovlov is not a
player. I wouldn't consider and auto unless I were somehow debilitated so as
to preclude manual operation. The volvo is a great car, and I for one like
it's styling (taillamps on the wagon area bit questionable), but it is not
available with a manual, and the build quality is somewhat behind audi, from
what I've seen and heard. I haven't driven a volvo that feels as svelt and
polished as an audi of the same year (new or used). The mag articles I've read
seem to concurr. YMMV. But until the V70 awd R has a manual, it is not a
sporting contender in this enthusiast's eyes, and even then I still question
the quality.



91 200q turbo awd 5-speed with no squeaks or rattles at 173k miles.