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S8 fun...

As I seem to have my new computer and e-mail sorted out after a long(ish) period of hairpulling and lost messages, I thought that I'd relay a short burst of excitement from yesterday and today.

I've had the pleasure of driving an S8 for the last few days (no it won't last much longer...) and what a treat it has been.  I was initially disappointed as I found out that Audi Finland had ordered the press car as a 5 spd Tiptronic, but lo and behold, the car still hauls proverbial ass.  The sport seats are some of the best I've encountered in Audis, narrow and supportive, the suspension is firm enough for my taste, and yes - 18" rubber from the factory...

The 340hp seems to move the car nicely, even though the manual has a 0-100 km/h rating of 5.5sec vs. 6.8 for the auto, and once at highway speeds one must keep their eyes peeled either for cops or the speedometer.  Even when pushed, the new featured ESP does not come in easily at reasonable efort levels, such is the grip of the 245 sectioned rubber.  When ESP does act (if not turned off), the car never faulters from the driver's intended line through the turn, although the power interruption/braking actions are a bit perturbing.

The car has a much nicer exhaust note than the standard A8, and makes all the sound you'd expect from a sports car with a V8.  Yes, I am convinced that this is the biggest friggin sports car ever made.  At least as long as the term sports car gets tossed around loosely.  I only wish the 250km/h limiter was not there, kinda takes the fun out of seeing what she'll do.

Oh, just so I don't forget - the car costs just over USD 200 000.00 here.  And yes, we have a couple of potential buyers lined up, and why not, it just the price of ten-twelve new golfs, or twice the price of the average house, or...

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, Finland

ps. it too has a 90 litre tank - cost me USD 90.00 to fill it yesterday with 98E.