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Audi in COPS show (I am not starting the Audi movie thread again)

I was watching COPS last night (yea, unemployement is fun!), and they pulled
over this guy in a 5000 who had it full of more drugs than Keith Richard's
wing at the hospital.  This guy's 5000 looked to be in good shape too, drug
running must help offset those high parts prices we all pay......Hmmm wait a
second, why am I looking for a job in heathcare management when I could be
driving an Audi AND selling drugs like this guy!

I also wanted to add an Audi in a TV show i bet none of you ever saw.  There
was this really lame show about 6 years ago called "Hat Squad", about these 3
cops who were brothers. Anyway the bad guys in one episode were driving a
badass looking black Audi V8.  It was great because when they were in persuit,
the cops kept saying "the suspects are in a black Audi V8" over and  over

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