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Audi's in the movies

In message <19980326005056.27827.rocketmail@send1c.yahoomail.com> B Z writes:

> That Was Then This Is Now - A movie with Emilo Estevez as a co-star. 
> He and his buddy stole a pre 85' Audi 4000 from a used car lot and
> then drove like mad and smacked into a car that had its drivers side
> door open, and smiled as they yelled "Door prize"

I _know_ this is off topic, but I can't help it.
At the end of the 1960s, and I can't remember exactly when or what, Jaguar 
announced a completely revamped model.  As we say, "the bee's knees".  The 
ultimate.  And, back then, Jaguars were pretty cool cars.
I was standing outside one of our shops one day when I saw one of these exotic 
beasts for the first time.  It was driven by a typical (in those days) Jaguar 
driver - sports (check) jacket, cravat, handkerchief in top pocket, rakish cap, 
He roared up the street, and stopped in not quite the right place to get into a 
parking slot at the kerb.  So he flamboyantly roared to and fro for a while, 
until the thing was correctly placed at the kerb.  He took his pipe out of his 
mouth, ostentatiously peeled off his 'driving gloves' (remember those?) and 
flung the door wide to get out.

A passing Ford Escort took it off, as neatly as you can imagine.  One huge 
BANG! and there he was - sitting there with his hand not on the door handle.

It was quite some time before I was fit for anything other than lying on the 
floor in a ball.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club