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A few last 4000q comments and thanks

Thanks to all. The responce to my note was awsome. 
To eliminate the rubbing problem, Im going to 2055015 on 15" TSW Hockenheim
rims. Hey, I know it's un-original, but...it seems to work for European Car

Backed by popular demand !!!! There will be NO M3 wing appearing on the back
of my car. Thanks you for not letting me join the legion of tacky cars with
wings on them that have less than 120 horses under the hood.

The pic of the chin spoiler that was sent to me was cool. Im definately
getting one. The reply said that it was  available from DW catalog. (Ron's
Parts???) Anyone with a DW catalog out there know the price. ~ Chin spoiler /
1986 4000  ???

Those of you who have the H1/H4 conversion,  who and how much was it? How
complete was the kit????

Thanks Again,

1986 4000CSq