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Re: coolant loss

Well, I started in on the repair of the blown hose today. I only had a
few minutes in the dark this evening. On the 3B engine this is the line
that runs from the turbo, across the front of the engine to the water
collector under the intake manifold on the drivers side (cross flow
heads here). I took off the hydrolic pump belt and raised the pump up as
far as it will go. I can get to the clamp on the hose nearest the banjo
bolt on the collector, but I'm having a hard time with the other one 3"
forward. I need to take the thermostat housing or the hydrolic pump off
to get at it. Well, since I need to change the thermostat anyway, that's
the direction I'm going. I got the upper 10mm head bolt out, but can't
get to the lower one. I'm thinking that I need a 10 mm wrench with a
weird shaped handle to get in there. Anyone BTDT?
(and I just changed the radiator a month ago, If I had only known...)