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Fwd: Re: Brakes sticking, when hot

>Oh yeah, it happens only to some cars we don't
>know what causes it but the only way to fix it is to replace both the servo
>and the MC" (not the engine).  So I decided to diagnose it myself.  Went to
>the scrap yard and picked up a set from a 5ks, and did a swap with mine.
>Same problem.  So I put my MC back but kept the replacement servo.  Same
>problem.  At the point for some reason I felt the fault was with the servo,
>and kept replacing them.  3 servos later a found one that worked.  It worked
>fine for two years.  Today in stop-and-go traffic it happened again.  Maybe
>it is the servo again.  But I'm starting to wonder if it might be related to
>the type of brake fluid I'm using or the age of it.  My bomb is new BTW.

Why keep after the servo?  Here's my post to Jeff who asked the original

>Replace the master cylinder. Had this happen on 2 (out of 3) Audis I've
>Replacing MC ended problem. BTW Bentlley says this part can not be rebuilt. 
>I've bought rebuilts from local parts store both times and both times had no 
>further problems.