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4K CV Joint interchange?

Could someone with access to a 4kq and 4ks parts fiche tell me what other
cars use the same CV joints as the 85 4KS (front drive 4 cyl).  Do they
interchange with the 4K Quattro and Coupe (5 cyl engine)?  I need to know
for model years 85 - 87, but I think earlier years were the same.

I already know the complete axle half shaft is the same on the Quattro and
Coupe, but different on the 4KS.  So now I want to know if the CV Joint
itself is the same and just using a different length axle.    

Huw Powell provides the following info:
>Here's all I can tell you - from my coupe fiche.  
>Inner joint - 321 498 103 A
>Outer joint - 321 498 099 C
>Left and right are the same.  Now we need the respective quattro pn's to
cross check.

Any help will be much appreciated.
Dave Conner
David Conner  Columbus, OH 
'87 5KS
    '89 100E
          ' 86 4KCSQ