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re: Subject: Brakes sticking, when hot

You wrote:
<<My brakes stick on, only when driving in stop and go type traffic, and
or hot weather. Car is 86 5KTQ. just bled and replaced fluid. Seems to
pass servo test per Benltey.Could it be the check valve on the bomb?
Should I rebuild, replace the servo?
Any btdt's?
Jeff Lewis
Aptos ca.
86 5KTQ 1.8 bar 100k mi.>>

Jeff: I'd recommend replacing the rubber brake lines; they can break down
internally, swell nearly shut, and cause those symptoms.  Seem to remember
that German Parts and Restoration sells a kit with teflon lines (wrapped by
stainless steel weave) that also improves the brake pedal feel (firmer).  Bet
they're about $75 for all 4 calipers.
HTH, Chris Miller, c1j1miller@aol.com
'91 200q