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Re: looking 4 K26 seal kit

Performance products sells a kit for 199.95 for Porsche 944 t. They used
k26's. I'm sure you can get it for 30% cheaper somewhere else, but they
wouldn't give me their source's name, so I couldn't locate them.
Supposedly, Turbo City selss 'em, but I've tried phoning them and their
tech line was only marginally helpful (no phone call back). I've tried
their web site and that s**ks, too. You can try them, though. Keep me
posted, because I'm VERY interested. Maybe we can work out a list discount
if enough people need one.

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On Thu, 26 Mar 1998, Chewy4000 wrote:

> What's up listers?
> I'm looking to replace the seals in a K26 turbo.
> If anyone can help me here, were to get them, or something.
> Need them ass soon ass posible.
> Thanks in advance
> Chewy