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Source for engine + tranny mounts...


I'm looking for a supplier of engine and tranny mounts for my 1990
200t. Is there an online source for well priced units?

The budget is non-existent as usual, so this is asked in preparation
for a much needed repair to the mounts. I just managed to repair my
burst IC-TB hose today with S. Barbbar's method of use radiator hose
and it works like a dream and cost 1/10th of the cost of the agent's
hose, and I still have half a meter of hose left to fabricate a backup
unit. Still looking for work, but as soon as I get a good one I will
need to buy these mounts.

Are there any other fabricators of the fluid-filled mounts for these
cars? Can they be manufactured? What fluid is used? Anyone heard of
"dual filled units" supposedly from early VW buses?



PS: seems mounts are bad enough to cause enough engine and driveline
    twist to have resulted in faulty inner CV joints. Possible?
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