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REALLY unusual event

...and now for something *completely* different...

About 2 months ago, I ordered an A4 1.8tq from the factory through a nearby
dealer, who shall remain nameless.  The price negotiated was just under $25k
(US), for a quattro (no other options).

All this time, the dealer has been phoning me every so often with updates.
Three weeks ago it left the factory... a week ago last Monday it was at sea...
yesterday, it arrived at the dealer.  I asked for a fax of the contract I
had signed, so I could get temporary tags needed to drive it off the lot, and
also to get the VIN for insurance.  As a courtesy, the dealer also faxed me
the window sticker.

Apparently, I was the first to actually READ that sticker.  It said: 2.8.
Different, eh?  Maybe an opportunity to pick up a new 2.8q at a 1.8tq price?
I called the salesperson to point this out.  Was this really my car, or did
the shipper get confused?  Her response, as best I remember: "Oh my god."

The signature at the bottom of the contract is *not* the salesperson's.  It
does appear to be that of an authorized dealer representative.  If I want to
be a tough guy, I think I have a good chance of taking the car at the agreed
price.  But do I want to do that?

On the one hand, a friend here at work thinks I'm nuts to turn down a 2.8
even if I do have to pay the difference.  He thinks the 2.8 is just that
much better-- smoother, etc.  To those of you who've driven both, is there
really a world of difference?  (considering that I might re-chip the 1.8
anyway, making the 2.8's power advantage negligible).  I understand the 2.8
fits the engine bay pretty tightly, making it hard to reach things, and
it weighs an extra 200 lb-- so a chipped 1.8 should handle better, right?

On the other hand, I will have to live with this dealer for some time.  And,
I don't really feel too cool about taking advantage of honest errors this
way.  Right now, they're trying to locate another 1.8 for me.  If they can't
find one, then I might just wait until the 1999's are shipping-- it'll be
June by the time they build another, and I'm in no hurry.

What should I do?


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