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Re: Comparing Units

At 01:26 PM 3/25/98 +0000, Sargent Schutt wrote:

>Well, slush boxes need not apply for space in my garage, so Ovlov is 
>not a player. I wouldn't consider and auto unless I were somehow 
>debilitated so as to preclude manual operation. The volvo is a great 

that's what i said...i looked awful hard for a volvo turbo wagon 5sp, but
when we found this one, it wasn't so bad in the end.  at least on the Volvo
box (Aisin-Warner) you have decent control over the 4 speeds and reasonbly
responsive shifts from 4-3-2 and back (though 4th is electrically
controlled by a button on the shift knob)

>car, and I for one like it's styling (taillamps on the wagon area bit 
>questionable), but it is not available with a manual, and the build 
>quality is somewhat behind audi, from what I've seen and heard. I 

agree on the V70 styling, might dispute the build quality...at least from
what i've seen so far (our 940tw and playing around with a few V70/S70s
earlier this year).  the doors have a much more solid feel than on the typ
44 audi (my dad's '92 100s has much more solid doors).  the interior
appointments, however, are definitely a notch (or even 2) below my '91 200q
or even the '92 100s, perhaps about the same as my old '87 4kcsq--lotsa

>haven't driven a volvo that feels as svelt and polished as an audi of the 
>same year (new or used). The mag articles I've read seem to concurr. 

one problem--and i'm guilty of this here, too--we're comparing apples and
oranges when it comes to driving feel, with two very different philosophies
of car design.  until for the 850/V70 (in the US), Volvos were RWD and the
design fundamentals date back at least 30 years--i mean, get real--it's got
a blasted LIVE rear axle back there (there were some efforts at irs on some
cars from the mid-80s on, now found on the S90).  that RWD sure can be fun,
though :)  

>YMMV. But until the V70 awd R has a manual, it is not a sporting 
>contender in this enthusiast's eyes, and even then I still question
>the quality.
just remember, if you get into a drag with some of these guys, you might be
suprised--they are doing the same things we are in terms of computer mods,
WG tweaks, etc.  and many of the mods and parts seem to cost less than for
our beloved Audis :(

2 pennies 
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