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Audi's in the movies

> From: quk@isham-research.demon.co.uk (Phil Payne)
> I _know_ this is off topic, but I can't help it.
> At the end of the 1960s, and I can't remember exactly when or what, Jaguar
> announced a completely revamped model.  As we say, "the bee's knees".  The
> ultimate.  And, back then, Jaguars were pretty cool cars.
snip, snip.

Alright, you started it.  Memories, memories.  At around the same time
in this century we were all standing around an MB convertible parked in
front of a restaurant and saying things like 'look at this' and 'check
this out' when out of the restaurant comes a 30-something guy with a big
smile dressed in banker's gray with to two gals on his arms.

"Get away from the car boys" sez he.

He disengages himself from the gals who are all smiles and giggles and
walks around the car to get in.  Starts up the car, drives off and turns
around to wave to the gals, blowing kisses, 'I'll give you a call,' etc.
and runs right into the back of a moving van that had stopped for the
lights.  We run up to see if the guy is alright.

"Get away from the car boys" sez he.

My, my, we could barely control outselves. Talk about ROTFLOHO!