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Your LAST CHANCE for parts fiche copies...

I'm home sick today -- I'd kind of forgotten what the place looked like in
the daylight! -- and am cleaning up loose ends on various projects,
personally as well professionally.

It turns out I have some good news on the parts fiche fiasco I recently
found myself involved with ... the rep for Pitney-Bowes is attempting to get
them to eat at least a portion of the surcharge on our last bill and she has
offered me the FREE use of a loaner for a week or two the next time I have a
large project!  :^)

I've thought some more about the logistics of this and have decided that if
I know in advance EXACTLY how many copies I need to run -- no more orders
dribbling in over a couple of months -- then I would be willing to give
everyone ONE LAST CHANCE to get copies of the 200q, RS2 and UK Ur-Q parts
fiche/service manuals I have offered previously as well as copies of the V8,
80/90q and Coupe Quattro parts fiches that I also promised.

I won't be able to do anything until the end of April (I'm taking the 16th
through 24th off!) but I'm thinking that if I set a deadline of May 15th to
reserve a copy, I should be able to copy and ship them by June 1st ...
the price will be the same $25 as before (except the UK Ur-Q stuff, which
I've raised to $75 on account of the large number of pages involved) and you
must either give me a credit card number or send payment in advance if you
wish to be included.  Once these are gone, though, that's it ... this really
isn't a lot of fun, the money really isn't that great and I don't have
enough spare time as it is.  However, I do feel somewhat obligated to those
people to whom I promised Coupe Quattro and 80/90q fiche copies (not to
mention everyone who made fiches available for my use) and more importantly,
by doing this, I should be able to recoup my previous losses. :^) 
My mailing address is Jeffrey Goggin, c/o Justax, 3636 N. Central Ave., Ste.
900, Phoenix, AZ 85012 and I will NOT be cashing any checks or charging any
credit cards until the copies are ready to ship.  This IS absolutely the
LAST chance to get any of these from me and if your name is not on the list
by May 15th, then it'll be too late.  If you have any further questions,
feel free to drop me a note ... don't expect a prompt reply, though, as my
life will be quite hectic for the next three weeks.

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