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Re: Mail filtering

I suggested putting the type of car in the subject long ago.  Did no good. I
still try to sort on A4, 4k, 5k 200, etc....anything without one of those in
the subj goes to quattro misc folder for later review. Works for about 15%
of the mail.

mike miller
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From: Dan Simoes <dans@ans.net>
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Date: Thursday, March 26, 1998 12:33 PM
Subject: Re: Mail filtering

>> Since there is quite a lot of mail on this newsletter,  has anyone
>> considered putting an indentifying letter or word in the subject line so
>> that the email can be filtered in to a separate mail box? I suppose
>> that's the purpose of the digest. Just a thought.
>Yes, that's what the BMW digest does.  It's unwieldy though,
>which is why I'm leaning towards separate lists when I get
>the new server/site up.  A lot of the new people (A4/A6)
>have no interest in the older cars or in tech discussions.
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