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A4 vs. Passat

Hi everyone,

A friend of mine and I have a $20 wager. Here's the deal. 

I am contending the VW Passat is based off the Audi A4 platform, and
he is arguing the Passat is based off the A6. We went to a VW dealer 
to get the Passat book, looked up the wheelbase and overall length

Passat		106.4" WB	184.1" OL
A4		103"   WB	178.0" OL
A6		108.7" WB	192.0" OL

His arguement is the Passat is closer in dimension to the A6 than A4.
I agreed (splitting hairs) with the numbers, however I reminded him of
our original wager, Passat is based off of A4 platform. 

To further complicate matters, I called a local Audi dealer and the 
sales rep said the Passat is a "hybrid cross" between the A4 & A6. :-0

Am I nuts or have I been reading and not comprehending all this time?
Please help or is this a stalemate? 


Keith Bidne
87 5ktq
Warm & windy Wisconsin, 73 degrees today! ==:-)