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Re: A4 vs. Passat

Keith Bidne writes:
> I am contending the VW Passat is based off the Audi A4 platform, and
> he is arguing the Passat is based off the A6. We went to a VW dealer 
> to get the Passat book, looked up the wheelbase and overall length
> Passat		106.4" WB	184.1" OL
> A4		103"   WB	178.0" OL
> A6		108.7" WB	192.0" OL
> His arguement is the Passat is closer in dimension to the A6 than A4.
> I agreed (splitting hairs) with the numbers, however I reminded him of
> our original wager, Passat is based off of A4 platform. 

You are both right.  The A4 is itself based somewhat loosely on the A8
(at least the front suspension is).  Then, the new A6 and Passat are both
built on the same platform as the A4, stretched to different degrees.
As to "which is based on what" I think it's a pretty moot point.  There are
lots of common pieces between the A4, new A6 and Passat.

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