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FS: 84 4Ksq

I have a 84 4Ksq for sale, I'm not the original owner, but it's been in my
family since 87 or 88, I inherited it from my father in 94.

146K miles, 5-spd, in fine running condition, but not "cherry".  White
exterior, brown interior.
some body damage, principally the left front fender
located in Berkeley CA

I put around $2200 in service last year, brakes (pads, rotors, one
caliper), parking brake cables, battery, oxs senser, timing belt,
crankshaft seal, lifters, misc belts, gaskets, replace one power window
actuator, and a host of other stuff that I can't recall)

The tranny makes a little bit of noise in third, but there's no chips or
fragments in the oil when it was changed last year.  The air conditioning
has been disfuntional since I've had the car (94).  Those are the main
problems I can think of.

However in my infrequent glances at the paper, I've never seen this model
4ksq for sale, I don't really know what the value is, but I'd rather sell
it faster than wait for the best price.  Can anyone let me know what a fair
price is?  And is anyone interested? :-)


Mike Perrott
(510) 430 9300 work