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heating woes, the sequel

OK, I've determined that it is in fact the little motor that's gone bad.
I've managed to extract the motor and I'm wondering if there is any point in
trying to take it apart. Anyone have a spare or a line on a new one? (My
last trip to the local junkyard wasn't very fruitful; judging from the state
of the 5k's there, I don't expect to find an intact programmer.) My mechanic
says just the motor is about $200 new, but he's going to try to look for a
better price.


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> To:	Titus, Brian (NJAOST)
> Subject:	RE: heating woes, continued
> At 08:17 PM 3/23/98 -0500, you wrote:
> >	Well, now I'm a little confused. I disconnected the Bowden cable and
> >it moved somewhat freely, but not freely through the complete travel of
> the
> >motor arm (i.e. not as freely as I would have expected). And, when freed
> >from the cable, the motor arm still seemed to click and stumble its way
> from
> >LO to HI. Could both items be going bad? I'm guessing it's really the
> >programmer that is in trouble.
> Probably the high friction in the Bowden cable caused the motor gears to
> strip out.  I think the programmers are about $150 used.  You might be
> better off finding on in a junkyard-you need just the motor assy and 2
> good
> solenoids off the junk assy.  Got my last one for $8!  Listed as misc.
> interior part :)
> You need to resolve the excess friction in the Bowden cable/flap interface
> or you'll strip out the replacement motor as well.  I noticed on mine that
> if the cable was at the end of its travel (all the way in on your side)
> the
> flaps would go overcenter and friction would go way up.  When adjusting
> the
> clip on the heater housing try to not let the cable go "all the way".  The
> main flap in front is supposed to have a felt washer and thin metal washer
> to reduce friction (think this was a TSB).  Older '84-'85 used an
> auxilliary spring to assist the motor arm in pulling the cable.  Later
> models use a more powerful motor.
> HTH,