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RE: Turbo whine?

>I'm getting an intermittent whine while on boost on the '93 S4. It is a high
>pitched whine that increases in intensity (slightly) as boost increases. I
>have not been able to isolate where the noise is coming from, as well it
>happens under most ambient conditions. I don't seem to lose any boost as I
>get he same readings on the VDO gauge whether the car is whining (no pun) or

Yours is a different engine than the one in my 200q but I had similar
symptoms when the multi-pronged breather hose on the rear of the valve cover
rotted through last year ... it would still make full boost but also did a
passable impression of a small airhorn.  The funny thing is that it didn't
leak under vacuum and wouldn't leak unless the car was under load ... I only
found it when I removed the valve cover to replace the timing belt.
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