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Interesting failure mode

Well Phil:  I you just hadn't accelerated so hard, none of that would have

Ralph Poplawsky
'91 200Q (only driven slowly, or course)

Phil wrote:
>I'm still gradually debugging the MB after its return from the repairers.
>seem to have done a very satisfactory job on the coachwork (which comes from 
>having a club member in the paint shop?) but their mechanical competence 
>"leaves to wish for", as the Germans say.
>New one yesterday - passing a double train of trucks on the M5 southbound at 
>speed and in convoy with another ur-quattro (Galvin) I pulled for a
>Got the wipe - no wash.
>Lots of fluid, motor running, headlights washing OK.  Started pulling things 
>off, and found that the radiator moved.
>IT'S NOT FIXED TO THE CAR, except by the hoses!!!!
>Air pressure pushed the radiator backwards, onto the washer reservoir.  THIS 
>ALSO ISN'T FIXED TO THE CAR!!!  The reservoir was thus pushed backwards, and 
>trapped the hose to the screen washers.
> Phil Payne
> UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club