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Re: Regular or Ethel ???

Bob, I have to disagree with Phil.  If your car has CIS E-III, easily
identified by 
the flare end instead of banjo bolt fuel lines, higher octane will
help.  I don't remember what the recommended octane is but
I think it's 91.  Your engine control will lean out the mixture and
will advance the ignition timing until it misses or knocks and will
then back it off.  The higher the octane, the more it can advance the
timing and the better fuel economy and power you will get.
The only thing I can say is to try it.  I have the same car and I 
often alternate between tanks.  I am collecting data on the fuel economy
related to average speed and octane used.  When I have collected enough
data to run some good statistics on it, I'll share it with the list.
Any comments?

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>Save your money, if 87 octane runs knock-free. Higher octane is 
>unlikely to
>give better mileage.

>>From: Bob Mansker <oscargum@datasync.com>
>>Subject: Regular or Ethel ???
>>I have a 87 5K Q (non-turbo).
>>I am using Chevron regular (87 octane) with no "ping"..
>>Would I get better gas milage by using high test.
>>Many Thanks,
>>Bob in south Mississippi

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