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Fwd: restoring 200tq BBS wheels; shops, prices?

>Quick question...I'm trying to argue down the price on an afformentioned Q
>for sale, with BBS wheels, but they're rather damaged...corrosion on the
>flat edge that parallels the ground, and one has some serious damage from a
>curb along the edge of the rim.
>Any shops, price guesses, etc?  I'd like to say to the guy "well, it's
>going to cost me X $ to repair those wheels..."


There is and excellent shop here in CT.,  Branford to be exact, called
Precision Wheel.  I took a set of absolutely clapped out, dented, horrible
looking BBS wheels to them and them back looking showroom new.  Cost
$125.00 per wheel.  That may sound slightly high but, if you'd seen the
wheels going in and what came back, it was very reasonable!



I am not associated with this shop other than being a very satisfied customer!