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Cops (was Valentine)

One time, last summer, I was headed home on the Eastbound LIE. A silver
v12 s600 coupe pulls up next to me. The driver is on the phone. Yuppie
professional type. Anyway, one thing leads to another and we start racing.
We were pulling approx. 95+ when we both blew by a cop on the other side
of an overpass. What saved me was the fact that I saw him just barely
before I passed him and hit the brakes. I was still doing about 75-80, but
all the cop saw was the Merc still going right past me. He never even saw
the cop there because he was on the phone. Anyway, we get a quarter mile
down the highway and then I see the cop pull out with the lights behind
me. I had my rear fog on and I noticed that the Merc had his on, as well.
I was in the left lane, he was in the middle. I pass him, pull in to the
middle, shut my rear fog off, pull back out in to the left. The cop pulls
the Merc over, I went home. The rear fog may not have helped (it may have)
in this case, but keep in mind that if you have one on your car, and you
blow by a cop, try it. At really high speeds and traffic, the cop only has
time to pick out a distinguishing feature. This area was not lit, and
there was a good amt of traffic. Drive with your fog on, turn it off.
Saved me more than only this time (I suspect).

*Steve                                       Sachelle Babbar
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