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Re: Crying over cost, 200TQ

        Tjena, even if you are in Sweden, mailorder from here may be doable.
        I have included a previous post here that discussed the brakes..
        Well, here is the meat of my reponse.  I too have thought about
        converting my car, but have problems dumping that much money into a
        car that I bought for $9000.  I have done some research into parts.
        The rotors are around $290 (and going down) from Shokan
        (1-800-ALL-AUDI).  And the pads are down to $89 for REMZAs from
        BLAUfergnugen in Manitowoc, WI.  Their number is 920-758-3232.  So,
        when a brake job costs $700 if you do it yourself, it's hard to
        justify $2500 to modify the car.  By the way, BLAUfergnugen is a
        great source for all other quattro parts.  Their web page is at

        Good luck with your car!

        Douglas P. Glanz


According to tobias.jansson@ks.ericsson.se:
> Bandwith waste coming up:
> My mechanic just called, must replace my Front(UFO) & Rear discs and
> pads on my -90 200TQ. (Digs a *HUGE* hole in my wallet :'(
> And not enough with that, the steering servo leaks oil,
> and he wants to replace that as well(==mega bucks) 
> - should I let him?
> Just wanted to share my troubles with people who
> knows how it feels.....  :'(
> /Tobias

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