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Re: Is Audi listening

> The truth is Audi probably is listening but using a bit of good judgement.

That's a matter of opinion.  Calls to the "club person",
email via the web page (with promises of replies),
all have gone unanswered or were very unhelpful
(a Ms. Klappach informed me that "ve dont need zis lizst")

They've been here, yes:

access.09Mar-12AM:gate2.audi.de - - [02/Mar/1998:06:24:07 -0500] "GET /quattro.html HTTP/1.0" 200 9398
access.09Mar-12AM:gate2.audi.de - - [02/Mar/1998:06:24:07 -0500] "GET /Images/audi.jpg HTTP/1.0" 200 3869

Not that they care to tell me.  They're probably just getting
ready to slap me with a lawsuit for unauthorized use of
something or other.

It's enough to make me want to pull the plug, when I see how
Saturn was able to embrace a much noisier medium (usenet)
and how BMW indirectly supports the BMW motorcycle list
and will field certain questions/problems. (I won't, not yet)

Audi has their head so far up their proverbial behind it's not
funny.  I was at the local VW/Audi dealer for an open house
(new Beetle) and I asked the owner about sales.  Answer (with
"A4/6 selling well but the Avants are not moving.  No idea when
we will see the S4 or the 1.8tq avant.)
I could have told them that the Avant is overpriced and they
should be competing with the Outback in the same price range.

It doesn't take a genius to see that enthusiasts want vehicles
that are not sold here.  But hey, if they want an overpriced
line of slow, bloated luxobarges, that's their problem.

When my wife asked me what my ideal job would be, I answered
something like "being in charge of Audi's marketing/focus groups,
organizing and attending enthusiast events, holding clinics,
finding out what people want in their cars and making it happen,
maybe with some online aspect as well."  That job doesn't
exist at Audi, and I don't think it ever will.

Hmm, maybe I'll see if BMW wants me - they're just over the
bridge from me...

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