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RE: Cops, Valentine One (no Quattro content)

Well, he pulled up next to me with the flashers on, got on the microphone,
and told me to "pull the vehicle over" (I think...it was practically
impossible to hear exactally what he was saying -- could have been "blah
blah, scramble wok -- flock").  As soon as I acknowledged (and I couldn't
really ignore the microphone) he proceeded after the VW Cabriolet in front
of me.

I see where you are coming from, but in this situation, he clearly wanted
both vehicles to stop and not doing so would have put me in a whole world
of trouble.  I really try to make a point of being as nice/compliant/polite
as possible to cops pulling me over -- this way, I'm likely to catch a
break...and I did catch a tremendous break this time.


At 08:28 AM 3/27/98 -0500, glen powell wrote:
>Just curious, why did you both pull over?
>I've had this happen and I will not pull over unless the cop makes a
>concerted effort to get ME. I will always make it far easier for the cop
>to pull the other guy over. (this WORKS!) If he really wants ME he is 
>not going to be able to get the other guy. It's me or him but not both. 
>Don't wimp out!
>Hmmmmm...Here's one that I'm in the process of trying to beat.  I got
>nailed with lidar in CT doing 76 in a 55.  There was one other car on the
>road (in front of me), and he pulled both of us over.  He gave us a huge
>break -- failure to obey a posted sign, $60 no points.  Unfortunately
>insurance doesn't care about the points, its the violation that they'll
>nail me for and I'll be looking at a 10-20% increase for 3-5 years.
>Here's the catch...on the ticket, he wrote down the state where the vehicle
>was registered as PA, not VA.  I've never driven a car with PA
>registration.  Think I've got a chance, or should I just suck it up and pay
>the fine?

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