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the good ol boys and their guns...

In message <01BD5962.F7DC02E0@gpowell.acacianet.com> glen powell writes:

> An interesting fact: Both Israel and Switzerland have far higher percentages
> of families and individuals that own firearms, including those much-dreaded
> fully-automatic 'assault weapons'. These countries also have far lower
> incidences of firearms violence Vs the US.

So let them keep _their_ system.  It obviously works.
(Actually, it doesn't.  Switzerland is _NOTORIOUS_ for fiddling the statistics
 about incidents involving 'Dienstwaffen'.)

> Methinks there may be a remote possibility that societal differences and not
> firearms ownership, per se, may be a factor here......? 

Well, we furriners were far to polite to suggest that.

> If you respond PLEASE respond directly and NOT to the list.

Typical pro-gun lobby.  _I'M_ allowed to use a platform, _YOU_ are not.

Why does this issue blind normal, sensible people in this way?

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club