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Re: fitting remote door locks possible? (Results)

I have, and have gone through 2 of them now.  I sent the last one back to
the factory for repair.  Both lasted exactly 2 weeks then kicked the
bucket.  The circuitry is not robust enough to handle the long signal
period of our Audis without using a couple of relays to isolate the unit.

My original installation used only one relay.  Valiant (the manufacturer)
has since sent me the proper connection diagram for our cars.  As soon as
the unit is returned to me, I'll try it out and post the info. to the list.

At 08:23 PM 3/26/98 -0600, you wrote:
>Has anyone tried the remote door openers in JC Witeney catalog for $30
>Regards Bill
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>From: Pete Gotseff <pag@hydrosphere.com>
>To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
>Date: March 26, 1998 5:20 PM
>Subject: fitting remote door locks possible? (Results)
>Hi Audiphiles,
>Thanks to John Karasaki and  Dan Simoes for the ideas on rigging up
>remote door locks on my 85 5K with my ElCheapo alarm system which
>only has two (-300ma) door triggers and a dip switch for 1 or 3 sec
>pulse duration.
>However, it was Allan Olesan who came through with a wiring diagram
>to modify the 12V  to the drivers door switch and bi-pressure pump.
>Turns out to be a simple circuit on paper ... just a little confusing
>to wire while head is stuffed under the dash.  Overall excellent
>Only addtional thing I had to do was to put an actuator/switch combo
>from an '82 5K into the drivers door.   The only problem I've
>encountered is the plunger isn't moving freely and will occassionally
>not fully close/open on the 3 second actuation ... this results in
>the locks moving back to their original position ... I will see if
>this can't be fixed.
>Overall price:
>(1) ElCheapo alarm(Sherwood) $55
>(2) 5 pole relays $12
>(1) junkyard actuator and plumbing  $5
>(1) extra junkyard bi-pressure pump $7.50
>+ countless hours of wiring/rewiring, cuting, crimping and swearing
>Thanks all !!!
>Peter Gotseff