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Is Audi listening...yeah right

Dan, don't let the asshol*s get you down.  What you do with this list
is awesome.  It is also the finest exhibit of what a deadas* company
Audi is.  Think about it.  A list with thousands of *active* audi
enthusiasts, and Audi doesn't need it.  Brilliant response Audi, just
brilliant.  With that type of PR department it is truly hard to
imagine why the unintended acceleration talk nearly ran the ship

Hey, Audi, if you are listening, how about resting the arrogant
attitude for a bit?  What, the avants not selling well?  Hmmm.  Could
it be because they are slow, rate very low on the fun to drive scale,
and cost waaaay too much?  Yeah, didn't think so.

>From where I sit, BMW is flat eating your lunch out here in the real
world.  Not to mention Volvo, Subaru [yeah, the new king of rally] and
several other makers that you should be dominating.  But hey, what the
heck, tell your customers you don't need them.       

Keep up the good work Dan, Audi ever sues you let me know.  If its
history remains true, it will probably arrive at the gunfight carrying
a really nice knife.