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RE: Owners of older wagons: HELP

Subject: 87 TQW, 170,000+ miles, all orig, no rattles, very very tight,
biggest repair bill: new clutch @ ~150,000 miles due to failed T/O bearing.
(on Mt. Washington at about the 6 mile mark)  :(
I am VERY please with the way this car has held up. The usual little 
'Audi thangs' do, of course, go wrong; window switches, temp sensors, 
seat heat, aux coolant pump, etc. I plan to keep it for a long time to come. 


This is more followup to my contemplating a 95 A6QW.

How do the wagons hold up to long life and high miles structurally?
Any owners of older (100K+) wagons out there have input?
Do they become rattle-traps, do the hatches hold up?


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