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Anti-swaybar bushings: help needed (again)

I'm back....

Thanks to Peter for pointing out (duh) that working on both sides of the 
vise (bending the vise handle in two places at once) allowed me to apply 
twice the force.  That finally got my suspension bushings in.  I think the 
correct tool is a hydraulic press, as several pointed out.

However, I now have the swaybar bushings to replace. (This is my 84 4kq, by 
the way.)  Unlike the control-arm bushings, these are just simple rubber 
things with no metal wrapper, and fit inside a hole.  One needs to push one 
that is about an inch long through an angled hole in the control arm, and 
the other is not very long at all, and needs to press through the anti-sway 
bar (which is *much* thicker than the tiny indentation in the bushing.)

Unlike the control arm bushings, which have a metal exterior and obvious 
places to apply lots of pressure in a straight line , the rubber bushings 
are the sort that look like you just squeeze and press until they either 
pop in, or get mutilated.  I'm once again having a devil of a time, fearing 
the latter, and not sure how or with what to pressure and guide the bushing 
into place.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  (The ever-helpful 
Haynes manual just says to replace if worn.)  I'f I'm supposed to use a 
hydraulic press (or ever-handy vise), let me know, and also suggest how I 
can keep the bushing at the correct angle to the control-arm while 

At my current rate of progress, I should have new bushings on all four 
corners by the end of the competition season next fall.  At the least, I'd 
like it drivable by the first event!

Jack Rich