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Re: Is Audi listening

In a message dated 3/27/98 Dan S. writes:

<< (a Ms. Klappach informed me that "ve dont need zis lizst") >>

Hey Audi...if you happen to be listening (and your company name implies you
should be) "zis lizst" has done more for me as a 7 time Audi owner (2
purchased new, one near new, 5 from your authorized dealers) than any of your
representives ever have. Yes, the hospitality tents at the Trans-Am and IMSA
races were nice and all (thanks again for the hats, shirts, calanders, and
food) but that was a looooong time ago.

As far as listening to enthusiast's desires. I think there are a number of
people in the US on this list with the where-with-all to step up to the plate
and drop the cash to buy any new Audi they want. No, I am not one of
them...but you never know when someday I might be in that position (again)
too. I don't think that introducing the new performance models slowly after
establishing the mainstream versions (as it seems you are doing) is a wrong
approach. What would help though is clear communication of plans for US
introduction of these new performance models. This will not hurt sales of
current model cars because enthusiasts who want cars like the new S4 aren't
buying new from you today anyway...rather they are buying used 91 200q's, S4's
and S6's...or worse yet, new M3's, 540i's and the like.

<< They've been here, yes: <proof snipped> Not that they care to tell me.
They're probably just getting ready to slap me with a lawsuit for unauthorized
use of something or other. >>

Let's hope not. Given what this list has done for me were Audi to do something
like that to you (Dan) I might just give up on my favorite marque for
performance sedans, buy my fiance a better ovlov wagon for the family road car
(my 5ktq fills that bill currently), and off the quattro in favor of another
P-car (a previous and latant passion). While Audi *could* perhaps do something
like you (Dan) fear I hope you are just being paranoid. If this were to happen
I would hope that all here would write our displeasure to every major car mag
and flood Audi themselves with e-mails and letters...let's hope that never has
to happen.

<< It's enough to make me want to pull the plug, when I see how
Saturn was able to embrace a much noisier medium (usenet)
and how BMW indirectly supports the BMW motorcycle list
and will field certain questions/problems. (I won't, not yet) >>

It is clear Dan is getting very frustrated in all this. Rumors have had it
that there are AoA lurkers here too. Again, this list does nothing but promote
sales of new and used cars, sometimes service, and certainly parts (every time
I have talked with Linda @ Carlsen she is juggling calls from q-listers). Our
group of enthusiasts (along with QCUSA which you Audi have helped promote...I
know cuz you once gave me a free year's membership) is FREE advertising and
promotion for your products. Don't be fools and shoot yourselves in the foot
when things are just starting to get good again in the US for you. Don't also
forget that many of us are the ones who stuck with you through the lean years
(I bought my only two new Audis in 88...your worst year if I'm not mistaken).

<< Audi has their head so far up their proverbial behind it's not
funny. >>

Yup...it's very sad.

<< I was at the local VW/Audi dealer for an open house (new Beetle) and I
asked the owner about sales.  Answer (with prodding): "A4/6 selling well but
the Avants are not moving.  No idea when we will see the S4 or the 1.8tq
avant.) I could have told them that the Avant is overpriced and they should be
competing with the Outback in the same price range. >>

Maybe so...but they aren't having trouble selling Avants out here in CA. They
will sell alot more though if they offered the 1.8tq 5spd, and trimmed the
price accordingly. The answer on the S4 is exactly the fuzzy communication I
was meantioning above.

<< It doesn't take a genius to see that enthusiasts want vehicles
that are not sold here.  But hey, if they want an overpriced
line of slow, bloated luxobarges, that's their problem. >>

Yup, there are plenty of cool used quattros to choose from and play with for
years to come. It's really Audi's choice what direction they wish to go, but
it is our choice to choose if we wish to follow.

<< When my wife asked me what my ideal job would be, I answered
something like "being in charge of Audi's marketing/focus groups,
organizing and attending enthusiast events, holding clinics,
finding out what people want in their cars and making it happen,
maybe with some online aspect as well."  That job doesn't
exist at Audi, and I don't think it ever will. >>

Wow, sounds like a dream job Dan! You're right it probably never will sad to

<< Hmm, maybe I'll see if BMW wants me - they're just over the
bridge from me... >>

Say is ain't so ;-)

Feel free to forward this reply to whoever at Audi you think will Audi...er
listen. I don't think I could ever heap enough thanks to Dan and everyone on
this list for it's existance. What, if anything, can we do to help Dan in this
time of frustration?

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq (soon to become yet another P-car? I truly hope not)