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RE: Is Audi listening...yeah right (Bucksnort comments)

... I think there's a bit more to that than just list members' purchases
of Audis.  Audi is a marque that many people are looking at again ...
some may have been prior owners others not, but where do they look to
for information?  I'll bet a good percentage of the people on this list
are known to friends and colleagues as Audi nuts.  I know for a fact
that my opinion contributed to the purchase of at least 2 A4s in the
past 1.5 years, and I can easily remember at least a half dozen others
that have sought my opinion.  I guess that still doesn't mean that Audi
has to listen ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> ----------
> <SNIP>
>      Actually, they don't.  We're not really their type.  Most of the
> folk on
> the list are a) enthusiasts, or b) people who are looking for
> shortcuts to
> maintain their costly vehicles.
>      Audi is sales and service.  OK, let's say there are 2000 members
> of this
> list and all of us buy a new car every year.  Audi MIGHT then pay a
> bit of
> attention to us, because then we would represent about 2% of what they
> need to
> do a year in volume.