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Cam timing 4kq power loss

I'm back,
    I had a great spring break.  Lots of fun and I changed the timing
belt/Water pump in the 4kq as well.  Also painted the Valve Cover, looks
great.  AT any rate, now the engine pulls like a banchee down low and
dies, (I mean dies like I hit a brick wall) at 5,000 rpm.  Before it
pulled much better up high.  Seems to have more grunt down low though.
Did I accidentally advance my cam timing one notch.  Thats 6 degrees
right?  When we took old best off,  TDC seemed to place the mark about
one tooth away from the edge of cover/mark/whatever you line up the
little mark on the Cam pulley on.  Anyhow, when we put on new belt, we
moved it 1/2 notch closer, (ie... counter clockwise if looking from
front of engine) to the edge of head.  Was this right or did I mess up
cam timing by doing this.  I would of loved the low end torque for
plowing through snow banks but now summer is here, and I dont think I
can live with a brick wall at 5k when on the track.
    What did I do, which way advances or retards cam timing, how can I
verify if I am off.

Thanks all
Todd Phenneger

BTW, I just arranged to buy an MC motor.  Woo Hoo.  SHould I put the cam
from it into my motor for the time being ???

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the stream always wins...
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