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MHLIGGINS <MHLIGGINS@aol.com> wrote in part, in response to Phil Payne:
>Subject: the good ol boys and their guns...

>Check your reading skills please.  This thread was started by a
list-member >in New Zealand (currently in the process of getting
married) who ALSO stated
>specifically to respond off-list.  Why didn't you chastise him?  His
>comments were specifically anti-gun.  So are you then implying that
it's all >right for those opposed to guns to do it, but not those who
are in favor?  >As I have noted about other arguments you've presented,
I think you should >be more consistent than you have.

I have the moral duty to note that this off-topic thread started when I
responded _privately_ to Phil on the subject of extraterritoriality,
unfortunately using an example of U.K. extraterritoriality relating to
their attempt to control, via the UN, private ownership of firearms in
the U.S.  I presume that Phil assumed that my note came via the quattro
list, and responded to the whole list by addressing gun misuse, not
extraterritoriality, thereby causing the present uproar.  (I receive the
digest, so I can easily tell if a message is private.  I sometimes
forget that others may not be able to determine this.)  I apologize for
not making clear, in my note to Phil, that I was responding privately.

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